Zmyrna / Nebran - Split - CD


Label: GoatowaRex

"An oath sworn in mediaeval darkness does give ruin to a conspiracy stained with blood, as a sorcery writ by flayed flesh of the mortal spirit comes from the lands of Czechia and Slovakia, this by name of Zmyrna and that of Germany, this by name of Nebran, all who shall bring tyranny to the heavens above.

Steeped in the mysticism of the ancient, Zmyrna is a three piece atmospheric black metal entity with members hailing from both Czechia and Slovakia that came to unlife in the age of 2020 that debuted with a two spell EP incantation in 2021 cloaked in folklore mediaeval malfeasance. Nebran is a one piece of orthodox black metal with flavours of classic DSBM thrown into the alchemical mix, its debut full-length incantation, ...of Long Forgotten Times, providing an epic soundscape of dungeon synth sorrow and classic second wave black metal misery. Together both Zmyrna and Nebran conspired a split incantation in 2022, which is only now just seeing its physical artefacts brought to power by medium of digital disk desecration.

Opening the split with an acoustic reverie of mediaeval evocation, Zmyrna deliver a sermon of melancholic black metal drowned in atmospheric shades, drawing out a crawling lament of tremolo dissonance across two spells of howling ruin; choral vocals providing a backdrop of epic despondency, as ominous percussive clashes provide vast foundations of haunted soundscapes. Closing the split is Nebran whose own take on atmospheric black metal complements Zmyrna to perfection, as three spells of winter ensorcelled, tremolo driven melodicism, enchain all those it grasps and possesses by dungeon synth mid spell sojourn, and blast beat entropy—hissing rasps of vocal hatred looming over this realm of frosted terror. Delving into the infernal depths of glacial penumbra, Zymrna and Nebran present an incantation of ancient proportions, providing an excellent entry point for those unfamiliar with their works, and more audial offerings for those seeking further exercises of ennui from these two entities of enmity."

Description text by @neheroth