Image of Putrifier - Pr​æ​cidistis Regeneratio - CASS

Putrifier - Pr​æ​cidistis Regeneratio - CASS


Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Black/death metal from Chile.

This EP, that clocks just under the 18 minute mark, is the debut for Chilean Black/Death Metal band Putrifier. The first thing I thought of when I read the announcement from Iron Bonehead Productions, the label on duty, was that surely it was curious that this band name had not been used before. Only then did the thought occur to me that the details of a Chilean band, with this name and on that label could well make for a fine EP.

And, to start with a conclusion, it did. This EP consists of two fairly long songs, the first lasting over 9 minutes and the second almost 8, which immediately brings up the most curious point. Musically, this is an amalgam bordering on somewhat chaotic and primitive Black/Death, a genre not exactly known for its long songs. However, there is also plenty of borrowing from the Doom/Death Metal genre. Making ‘Pr​æ​cidistis Regeneratio’ quite an interesting EP. The music spins in different directions, not eschewing contrary riffs, vocals with extreme reverb, draughty production and remarkably dynamic drumming (from rather slow and lingering rhythms to quite fierce up-tempo passages). Not all these musical ingredients are always logically placed together, yet the whole thing doesn’t feel too alienating or illogical. With this, Putrifier has certainly laid a good foundation for follow-up material.

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