Necrocarnation - Fragments of Dark Eternity - LP


Label: Escafismo Records

First long awaited MLP by this blasphemous duo. Cacophonous and hypnotic War / Doom Metal from the depths of hell. These songs are hymns to darkness, and an aura of hateful malevolence surrounds them like a miasma. Recorded somewhere in South America in 2020 AB featuring members from Nocturnal Evil, Infernal Curse, Profanation, Expulsed Angel, Devoured Christ, Madre Coca and more.

Pressed on 140 grs vinyl. Limited to ONLY 100 copies. Single sided LP (Label on side B comes printed with the old Escafismo's logo). Hand-numbered copies. Housed in a foldout coated cartonstock jacket with lyrics and pic of the band. Comes with poster.