Image of Ernte - Albsegen - CASS

Ernte - Albsegen - CASS


Label: Vendetta Records

This is the second album from Swiss black metallers Ernte.

Featuring a member of Ashtar, Albsegen contains 50 minutes of well-crafted black metal. Balancing aggression and atmosphere, this is a satisfying listen that’s easy to enjoy if you’re a fan of the style.

Ernte play a largely traditional form of black metal that has a keen melodic streak and emotive accents. The songs are well-written and adopt a feeling-focused approach to song construction, while not neglecting the more instant-appeal aspects of a good blast beat.

Albsegen is charged with negative energies and bleak, dark auras. The music immerses the listener in waves of atmospheric darkness. This is then enmeshed with a mood-rich aggression that’s ripe with blackened melodies.

The bass is used well to underpin the melodic blackness, adding texture, while the drums lay either rhythmic or blasting foundations beneath the sinister guitars. The vocals are hostile and intense. The singer’s voice is raw and venomous, and her performance is full of passion and rage.

Albsegen is an enjoyable and absorbing slice dark blackened art. It’s atmospheric and quite hypnotic. A recommended listen for the adherents of underground black metal.

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